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Why PayAftar.

PayAftar by SurebeSite is focused on providing betting tips services to both experienced punters and those without experience.

Once you register for an account on PayAftar, a customized account is created for you, from which you shall get daily betting tickets.

Our Pay After Win service is one of its kind, focused on the client, spreading joy among the betting community.

How it works

First Tickets

Once you register and log in, you will get 2 tickets by default. You can choose to get more tickets by updating your settings. The first 2 ticket have 4 games each. Each ticket has about 5 to 20 odds.

More Tickets

You can get up to a maximum of six tickets(30 games) per day. The muximum number of tickets for new members is 3. Remember that you will have to pay for all the wins. This therefore means that the more tickets you get, the higher the amount you will pay.


Since we do not encourage betting during working hours, we provide tips for games that start later in the evenings, usually starting at 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM East African Time (EAT). If you register after these hours, you will have to wait for the next day's tickets.

The Odds

We provide tickets with varying number of games or odds according to quality and availability. The first two tickets have 4 games each, odds are usually 5 to 20 odds per such ticket. The 3rd and 4th tickets have 5 games each. The 5th and 6th tickets have 6 games each. The later 4 tickets have more odds than the first two. Some tickets can have as much odds as 200. Once you log into your account, you will see the odds for each of your tickets.

Fee to Pay After Win

Every day, after win, you will be required to pay PayAftar 30% of your profits unless you join the recovery community after which you will be required to pay 50% of your winnings.

Keeping Your Word

Failure to pay your fees (50%) will lead to deactivation of your tickets page and you will not receive new tickets.


You may be require to share with PayAftar, screenshots of your winnings (from your bookmaker) for us to verify the fees you are to pay.

Following Instructions

You WILL be required to follow our instructions on the bets to place and how to subdivide your stake amount. There is no bargaining on the amount to pay after winning. Partial payments are not accepted.

Features and Benefits

No Setup Fee

It is absolutely free to set up an account on PayAftar.

There is no subscription fee or any other hidden fees.

We offer games daily from all major leagues and local leagues.

High Win Rates

Our tickets have high winning rates.
At Payafter we work hard to ensure that you are more likely to win than to lose.

Easy Stake Management

You can easily update your stake each day to meet your needs.

Your account acts as an accounting tool to help you manage your stake better.

Easy Payments

Once you have set up your payment method, you are able to make payments easily and fast.

Track Your Bets

You are able to track your tracking activities through your account to help you make informed decisions concerning your betting behavior.

Great Customer Satisfaction

Our customer service team is available to handle queries or feedback about your experience with your Payaftar account.
Most importantly, you are unlikely to come across incoveniences on your account. This we have made sure to make your experience smooth and seamless.